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Issue 05

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This issue of The Panther Post is an interview coordinated by the Communications & Publishing class and our fearless leader, Principal O'Neal .

We are looking ahead to next year and excited to learn a little about what's in store... 

Can we see pictures of what the school interior design will look like next year?
I want it to be a surprise!  You will have come to the reveal in August-it will be awesome!!!
What plans do you have for the new makerspace?
I plan on having the makerspace in one of the empty classrooms. We will have various robots (to learn coding), a 3D printer, Legos, building blocks, video editing software and much more. I recently visited a school that had a great makerspace; it was very engaging for the students they were able to create some amazing things! The amount of  money we raise at Panther Prowl will dictate what and how much we can add for this coming year. We will continue to grow our makerspace over the years.
Are you moving any more lockers?
No, we are done with that.
What is the plan for the new carpet?
In June we will do the hallways, the Library and computer lab.  We will start on the classrooms in July.
What color will the school be painted on the outside?  
Walk outside and tell me what you think... we've started!
Will you repaint the outside doors?
Yes, we are doing gray with some blue.
What color are the inside hallway walls being painted?
Light gray (almost white) with some accent colors.
Would you consider painting everything coral?
Not sure what that color is. Just Googled it... No :)
Will you plan to put up any more Bible verses around the school with the new paint work (I would love to see more)?
We can; if you have one/some you like let me know.
Will the list of electives be the same?
Electives will change a bit next year. For example, we are looking at adding a drama class.
Will we get better laptops?
I am working on going to Chrome books.
Are there going to be mixed classes in any grades?
There will be a combo 1st/2nd class, but we haven't finished planning for  the Middle School. I will meet with the teachers soon and make a decision.
What teachers are leaving?
Mr. Hunter, Mrs. Ross and Mrs. Ashlock.
Do you know who the new teachers will be?
Not yet. I have interviewed a few teachers and we are going through that process. I want the very best for you. These are very important decisions so I will take my time to find the right people.
Will we have family packs again?
Yes... It is my vision that the Middle School students will take a leadership role and make the family packs your own. You are leaders and I want you to step up and lead. You are all amazing and have so much to offer and I am excited to see what you will do!





Issue 04

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For this issue of The Panther Post the middle school Communications & Publishing class interviewed 8th grader Charlotte Kist about representing PAES and competing in this year's Oregon State Geography Bee.

What was your hardest question?
What is the most populated city in New Zealand? (answer: Auckland)
What was your favorite question?
A president recently resigned and transferred presidency smoothly. What country did this take place in? (answer: Zimbabwe)
How many questions were there? 
How did you fee when you were at the competition?
Nervous and excited.
Which question made you the most nervous? 
There was a round asking about the different types of birds... for example, India's national bird eats fish; what kind of bird is it?
Were you more nervous or excited?
What was it like to compete with all the other students?
Nerve racking because there was at least 1 kid who knew every single answer.
Do you know how many students participated?
How long did the competition take?
One hour for a preliminary round and then one hour for a final round.
Was the Geography Bee fun?

Great job, Charlotte!!! We are SUPER PROUD of you!!!