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Issue 01

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Issue 01 of The Panther Post is brought to you by the Middle School Communications & Publishing class!!! Have a look at what's been going on around PAES:


By Story O.

PAA ran our week of prayer earlier this month.

The theme was, “See God Clearer”. We had a theme song, “Open the Eyes of My Heart”, that we sang everyday along with other worship songs. PAA students lead out and told stories about a time in their life when God helped them to see clearer. One student named Journey told about a time she had an algebra test in 8th grade; she also told about her move from Texas to Oregon. Another student named Brenton spoke about an experience he had on a plane and how he prayed to God to help him be safe. Mr. Bibb, the principle of PAA, and Pastor Monte helped lead the programs. Each day we got to see a freeze frame (a short skit) that the PAA students put together. Five volunteers would be chosen out of the audience and then the PAA students would quickly arrange them in a certain position to then let the audience guess what scene it represented from the Bible.

I am so glad we had week of prayer! Time like that strengthens our relationship with Christ and helps us see God with clearer vision. I am very grateful that PAA gave up their time to come here!  


By Claire M.

I am in the Family Pack Ants. Our Ant pack plays games to get to know each other and, most importantly, we have done two service projects. Our first project was making posters/signs in honor of veterans to put up in a nearby retirement home, the Village, to celebrate Veterans Day. All the kids in our group helped make the posters and decorate them using crayons, colored pencils, markers and tissue paper. Then two of the 8th graders and I went to the Village to deliver and set up the banners. The residents there were thrilled that we thought of them. 

Our second project is something that we are working on right now. We are making two blankets to give to people who are in need of something warm to wrap up in. The 8th graders in our pack have been cutting blankets into strips to make knot blankets. Then we will all meet together and tie the strips to make it all one blanket. After we finish both blankets we will bring them to My Father's House for children and families in order to make them feel comfortable and welcome to their new room.

By Lily L.

Chimpanzees is the family pack that represents teamwork. Mrs. Freese is our pack leader and our pack color is green. When we get together we play games like 4 corners, listen to stories, go outside and spend time getting know each other. 


By Max M. and David D.

We (the 6th graders) have reading buddies (the 3rd graders) its fun! We are reading the book called Twenty and Ten by Claire Bishhop. The book is about Adolph Hitler and World War II. There are also other fun things we will be doing with our reading buddies, like trying potato leek soup.


By Mikayla N.

Every year we have a school Christmas concert lead by the music teacher, Mr. Neely. Kids from Kindergarten to 8th grade are involved. Each class preforms about two to three songs. In addition to that, 5th-8th graders are part of a band that is full of musical interments from the tuba to the flute. There are is also a choir and a bell choir. I personally happen to be in the bell choir and we preform at malls, retirement homes and church's. I have been singing ever since I was in kindergarten, but I prefer band because I happen to be quite good at what I play, the oboe, a woodwind instrument. I'm glad we have a music program and I hope it lasts for years on.  This year’s Christmas concert is tomorrow night, we are excited to share our music with our families!!!