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Second Graders Design & Build Giant Gingerbread House

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Our 2nd grade students used their STEAM skills to design a Giant Gingerbread House. In the classroom STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. It’s an educational method that helps students engage and collaborate.

Students first designed the Giant Gingerbread House by drawing plans and making blueprints. Then they worked together to frame the house with PVC pipe. Finally, they decorated the house with their own art. “My little engineers took on this challenge to create and build this Giant Gingerbread House. I’m so proud of how well they worked together!” said Mrs. Stinson. As a final reward, students used the house as a reading space. 

This is the second year Mrs. Stinson has had a Makerspace in her classroom for STEAM learning. She created it before our all-school Makerspace was planned and  developed it specifically for students in the 2nd grade.  She and her students prove that there’s no age too young to learn to work together.

New Makerspace Encourages Collaboration

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The new Makerspace is a space of active learning and collaboration. Just walk down the hall and you hear the buzz of activity coming from the newly purposed room as students work together, experiment and build.

Principal O’Neal hosted several class activities in the new Makerspace last week. He even held the weekly Staff Meeting in the room. "What better way to learn how to teach than to experience it for yourself?" said 5th grade teacher Mrs. Fresse.

The space is a thought-provoking environment of gadgets, colors and textures. Students (or teachers!) can build based on a defined plan or they can experiment with their own ideas.

We wouldn’t have this space without the commitment of families, who supported our fundraiser; our Home & School/PTO, who organized the fundraiser; and Northwest Adventist Federal Credit Union, who provided matching funds. We love that this space of collaboration was created from a collaboration between all of us!



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