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Around Campus: Art

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Every month fresh new art goes up on display... PAES students have some serious talent!!! It's always a pleasure to see the bright, imaginative and fun work they create so we wanted to post some of the latest and greatest up here on the blog.

This month we have 3D paper sculptures, abstract art inspired by Piet Mondrain, paper cuttings in the style of Henri Matisse, painted casstles inspired by Paul Klee,  impressionist water lilies inspired by Claude Monet and vanishing point illustrations.


"Every child is an artist" -Pablo Picasso

Don't forget, tonight is the PAES Open House | STEAM Night event!!! Details about tonight are up on the calendar, here. 

Looking for ideas about summer camps to send your artist to? Check out THIS LIST. 

Middle School Art: The Great Wave

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The Middle School Art elective students have been creating up a storm! Recently, they spent time exploring the idea of rhythm in art and how that is communicated in various ways. 

For part of this rhythm series, they learned about the print "The Wave off Kanagawa" or "The Great Wave" by Katsushika Hokusai. In this piece, the lines and shapes of the sea's waves give a strong sense of rhythm or movement. The students created their own wave pieces using their choice of materials to reflect this piece.

Enjoy this gallery of their work: