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Singing with Steve Green

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A couple of weekends ago some of our students had the honor of singing in a concert with Steve Green. Sunnyside SDA church hosted the event. 

Mr. Neely, PAES' Music Director shares, "Mr. Green planned to perform three songs from his new children's album and asked for a children's choir to join him. We accepted his invitation and provided a group of PAES singers from the 4th-8th grades. It was an amazing opportunity for these students to sing with a true musical star! Steve Green was friendly, funny and made the students feel special.  The evening's concert was glorious... it was an awe-inspiring experience that left everyone feeling they had witnessed something truly special." 

The PAES  Communications & Publishing class, a middle school elective, just so happens to include two students who participated in the concert. This gave the entire class an opportunity to polish their interview and journalism skills... the following report is from this class:

Who is Steve Green:
What was Steve green like:
He was calm, friendly and encouraging- which help calm the students’ nerves before the concert started. Mr. Green made all the kids feel important and welcomed. 
What songs did the PAES children's choir sing:
"Ask, Seek, Knock", "For God So Loved the World" and "No One".
How many kids were in the PAES children's choir:
How many people attended the concert:
900+ (the biggest crowd they’ve sang in front of!!!) Additionally, the program was lived streamed to Adventist Medical Center.
What did this experience mean to you:
Singing with Steve Green was a once in a lifetime experience... being a part of the concert was incredibly meaningful. The bright stage lights, the emotional energy from the audience and the kindness and friendliness of Mr. Green will not be forgotten.
THANK YOU, Steve Green, for bringing your passion and your beautiful music to our community and for including PAES!!!