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PAES Veterans Day Celebration 2019

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On November 11, 2019, PAES hosted their first annual Veterans Day Celebration.  We invited families and friends of PAES who were veterans to come and receive special recognition for the service they gave to our country and its citizens. 

Our whole school met in the gym and our veterans were escorted in to special seats in the back for the best viewing.  Several of our students who participate in Pathfinders at our local churches, stood at attention and presented the colors at the front.  We then said the pledge of allegiance and sang The Star-Spangled Banner.  It was a very moving experience. 

Special presentations were given by classes and students reading poems, singing songs, and thanking our veterans for their service.  After this, they were given tours of PAES to see all the decorations our classes made in the halls of our school.  It was a wonderful program and experience that makes us all more aware of the sacrifice that people who serve in the military give to our country and citizens.  

Again, thank you to all who have served our country!!