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In Their Own Words: Coach McCray

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We recently interviewed PAES Athletic Director Kevin McCray. We asked him to explain his philosophy for Physical Education and how he’s incorporating that philosophy here at PAES. Here’s what he said:

PE is not just running around, playing games or exercise or sports. It’s learning how to efficiently use your body in all situations and working with others as they do the same. I believe we must look at the mind, body and soul as one and then focus on how the three – body, mind and soul - work together. We shouldn’t divide them up and give them separate values. I encourage our students to know that that’s what makes them athletes – the combination of mind, body soul. And then the next part is that athletes work together to pursue a goal. I want them not to be afraid to or to downplay the training of mind, body, soul and the importance of teamwork in all things.

My favorite Bible verse is simple, but to me it’s deep and illustrates my philosophy. And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. Luke 2:52

Wisdom (mind), stature (body), favor with God (soul) and man (relationships with others). This is what I teach my students in Physical Education.

Thank you, Coach McCray, for your intentional teaching that athleticism and teamwork - mind, body, soul - are part of being our best version for God.

Kindergarten/1st Round Up

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We welcome families with students entering Kindergarten or 1st grade to learn more about PAES. Join us for an evening of information and fun!

Students will enjoy fun and game time with our very own Coach McCray and PAES staff while parents will visit classrooms and meet with K-1 teachers.

Check-in: 5:10 pm - Ends: 6:30 pm



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