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Summer Break 2017

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We are officially on SUMMER BREAK... hooray!!!

Today was the last school day of the year... it's a good bet we are all ready for some relaxing, a new routine and some summer sunshine! Even though it was a 1/2 day, lots of good fun was packed in; students were busy celebrating with their classmates, packing up their supplies/schoolwork and saying their goodbyes all over campus.

As is PAES tradition, Home & School volunteers had a fun summer send-off to end the day as the students were being picked up. You couldn't  miss it - a colorful message wishing everyone a HAPPY SUMMER covered the entrance walkway in bright chalk, music filled the air, bubbles floated around like magic and lollipops were handed out. Not a bad way to leave school and head into summer!!! 

We wish all of our families a wonderful summer break. Have fun, relax and be safe. We look forward to seeing everyone in the fall... 2017-2018 is going to be another incredible year!!! 

PAES Summer Break: June 17th - September 5th

PAES Summer Office Hours: Tuesday - Thursday, 9am-4pm 

Monday by appointment only and closed on Fridays.


8th Grade Dedication

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The countdown to the end of the year is almost over... exciting events are happening every day this final week. Today, we ended the school day with a special PAES tradition: the 8th Grade Dedication Celebration.

Students, teachers, staff, parents and grandparents gathered on Stinson field where we formed a big circle surrounding the 8th grade class. Gene Heinrich (Pastor, Rockwood SDA church) shared the dedication message reflecting on the fruits of the spirit and well wishes for the soon-to-be graduates. Each grade had a single white balloon representing one of the fruits of the spirit, which they released during Pastor Gene's talk, in honor of the 8th grade class. 

The 8th graders released their own bright blue balloons after closing prayer.

Watching the balloons sail through the air, up into the clouds you could feel the happy anticipation of what lies ahead as well as thankfulness for many years of good memories and dear friends.

As you start a new chapter in your lives, remember we are so proud of you and we wish you each the very best!!! Congratulations to the PAES class of 2017, you will do GREAT things!!!