Middle School

Grades 6, 7 & 8

Students in these grades have left elementary school and entered middle school. The most notable change is the classroom structure. No longer does instruction take place in a self-contained classroom environment. Students are assigned a homeroom and rotate among classes.  

The core subjects in the middle school program include Religion, English, Math, Science and Social Studies as well as ongoing instruction in Music and Physical Education. Technology is integrated into each subject through daily classroom applications as well as time spent in the Makerspace and computer labs.

The middle school teachers collaborate to integrate the various core subjects into meaningful and dynamic projects (project-based learning) and activities. For example, students participate in a Middle Ages/Medieval project that incorporates history, research paper writing, castle designs, plague probability and catapult building.

Elective programs such as Drama, Health & Fitness, Art and Yearbook round out the middle school curriculum.

Read 2018-2019 elective class descriptions HERE (coming soon!)

Field trips, service oriented projects and our interscholastic sports programs enhance the middle school experience beyond the classroom. 

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