Student Life

Associated Student Body 

PAES middle school students are members of student government, the Associated Student Body. The ASB student leadership consists of elected officers who serve as representatives from each homeroom. The ASB provides an opportunity for students to have a voice in the activities at PAES. The elected officers and representatives promote pride in our school and sponsor activities for student participation. 


PAES Family PAcks

Research shows that students who have multiple connections in school and who feel a genuine sense of belonging have higher self-esteem and are more likely to reach their full potential.

The overall purpose of our Family Packs is to build our school community and help students feel more connected. Each multi-grade pack is represented by an animal and a color. These animals all model the 5C’s and demonstrate collaboration, leadership and teamwork.

These Family Packs will provide opportunities for students to:

  • Explore leadership roles
  • Become a mentor or be mentored by another student
  • Develop new friendships
  • Work together with a diverse group
  • Play games
  • Worship and celebrate together
  • Grow spiritually and socially
  • Practice the 5C’s

The packs and their colors  are as follows:

  • Wolves – purple 
  • Orcas – white 
  • Honeybees – orange 
  • Meerkats – pink 
  • Ducks – yellow 
  • Ants – black 
  • Lions – red 
  • Elephants – gray 
  • Chimpanzees – 
  • Dolphins - blue 

Honor Roll students

Students receiving 3.5 - 4.0 GPA in 5th - 8th grade are eligible for Honor Roll status every quarter.  


School Garden

The PAES students are the Master Gardeners of our school garden. Beautiful flowers and lots of yummy fruit and veggies are the result of their handiwork... so many green thumbs in the making!!!