Faculty & Staff

PAES has an outstanding Christian teaching staff of passionate, committed, fully qualified and certificated teachers. The teachers have made a personal and spiritual commitment to serve our students and assist our families in developing the life of each child. Our teachers bring many years of experience with them to enrich the educational development of our students. PAES teachers and staff are focused on providing a safe and nurturing environment where each student can grow academically, spiritually, socially and emotionally. 


Profile image of Brandon O

Brandon O'Neal

PAES Principal

E-Mail: brandon.o'neal@paes.com

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Karin Swarner

Assistant Principal

E-Mail: karin.swarner@paes.com

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Krista Lott

Administrative Assistant

E-Mail: krista.lott@paes.com

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Ginger Stinson


E-Mail: treasurer@paes.com

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Heather Ashlock


E-Mail: marketing@paes.com


Profile image of Leanne Gainer

Leanne Gainer

Kindergarten Teacher

E-Mail: leanne.gainer@paes.com

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Karin Swarner

Kindergarten/1st Grade Teacher

E-Mail: karin.swaner@paes.com

Profile image of Nohemi  Marquez

Nohemi Marquez

Kindergarten Teacher Aide

Profile image of Jada  Neely

Jada Neely

1st Grade Teacher

E-Mail: jada.neely@paes.com

Profile image of Nancy  Stinson

Nancy Stinson

2nd Grade Teacher

E-Mail: nancy.stinson@paes.com

Profile image of Gina Ross

Gina Ross

3rd Grade Teacher

E-Mail: gina.ross@paes.com

Profile image of Angela King

Angela King

4th Grade Teacher

E-Mail: angela.king@paes.com

Profile image of Elizabeth  Fresse

Elizabeth Fresse

5th Grade Teacher

E-Mail: elizabeth.fresse@paes.com

Profile image of Linda Waagen

Linda Waagen

6th Homeroom | Social Studies | Yearbook

E-Mail: linda.waagen@paes.com

Profile image of Brad Hunter

Brad Hunter

7th/8th Homeroom | Science | 7th & 8th Grade Math

E-Mail: brad.hunter@paes.com

Profile image of Tami Hunter

Tami Hunter

7th/8th Homeroom | Language Arts | Algebra 1

E-Mail: tami.hunter@paes.com

Profile image of Anthony  Neely

Anthony Neely

Music Department Director | Pre-Algebra

E-Mail: anthony.neely@paes.com

Profile image of Lynn Rognsvoog

Lynn Rognsvoog

Piano Lessons

E-Mail: lynn.rognsvoog@paes.com

Profile image of Heather Ashlock

Heather Ashlock

Art | Communications & Publishing

E-Mail: heather.ashlock@paes.com

Profile image of Madelynn Cummings

Madelynn Cummings

Librarian | Reading Aide

E-Mail: madelynn.cummings@paes.com

Profile image of Kevin McCray Jr.

Kevin McCray Jr.

Athletic Department Director | PE | Mind, Body & Soul

E-Mail: kevin.mccray@paes.com

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Randy Cummings

Technology Coordinator

E-Mail: randy.cummings@paes.com

Profile image of Sarah  Hunter

Sarah Hunter

Lego Robotics Program


Profile image of Sandie Sulzle

Sandie Sulzle

Preschool Program Coordinator | Before & After Care

E-Mail: sandie.sulzle@paes.com

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Kathy Hillenkamp

Preschool Teacher Aide

Profile image of Judy Ruch

Judy Ruch

Preschool Teacher Aide


Profile image of Ann Carl

Ann Carl

Child Care Staff


Profile image of Ron Sulzle

Ron Sulzle

Plant Manager

E-Mail: ron.sulzle@paes.com

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Taylor Duran

Maintenance Staff

Profile image of Stacey Sulzle

Stacey Sulzle

Custodial Staff


The PAES school RN position is staffed in partnership with Walla Walla University School of Nursing and their clinical rotation program.